The problem of false fire alarms in the UK is massive and been ignored for too long. Here is some valuable information regarding the problem, the solution is Cookermiser.

  • In 2018/2019  there were 573,221 attended call outs by the fire and rescue services an increase on the previous year (559,347) see attached spreadsheet Fire0104 for details.
  • 229,805 of these incidents attended by the fire and rescue services turned out to be false alarms.
  • 51, 991 of these false alarms were categorized as cooking/ burnt toast related. These could have been prevented if a Cookermiser had been installed.
  • Each false fire alarm costs the fire service on average £2000 per call out. Two tenders are usually sent to each call, £500 per vehicle and £500 for the fireman amounts to £2000. With a massive reduction in cooking related false fire alarms this could lead to savings of over £100,000,000.
  • Cookermiser, where installed can reduce or stop cooking related False Fire alarms by automating the cookerhoods to arrest the cooking particulates at source. This prevents particulates from reaching the fire alarm sensors, reducing and in many cases completely stopping cooking related false fire alarms.
  • The recent fire in student accommodation at the Cube, Bolton could have resulted in a death due to students ignoring the real fire alarms. Our Cookermiser controls were value engineered off this project so false fire alarms often occur and students have explained they ignored what was thought to be another false alarm.
  • Student safety must come first. Gavin Williamson has written to all Higher Education Institutes regarding their duty of care to student residents (Document attached).
  • To mitigate the problems highlighted above, we feel the government should endorse our product and advise that a Cookermiser system is installed in every student/nurse accommodation kitchen to help reduce cooking related false fire alarms.
  • This would also reduce strain on the fire service by saving time and allowing them to focus on real fires.
  • Another positive aspect to our controls is they can help save massive amounts of C02 by fire service tenders not being sent to false alarms, this helps in the battle against climate change.
  • Boris Johnson has committed to champion Innovation, ours is one of the best in many respects.
  • We are a small family business, we use UK suppliers, the product is manufactured locally and most components are sourced within a 40 mile radius of our office.
  • Our controls are very robust offering excellent reliability and providing very low carbon footprint.  The majority of the units supplied over the past 18 years are still working well.
  • Cookermiser can be used in assisted living accommodation; if an oven or hob is left on the noise of the fan will remind the occupiers to turn them off.

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