A report entitled "Every Breath We Take" has outlined the importance of indoor air quality in the home. The danger of pollution in the street from car fumes is well understood, but many people are ignorant of the risks from air inside the home.

"The report starkly sets out the dangerous impact air pollution is currently having on our nation’s health. Each year in the UK, around 40,000 deaths are attributable to exposure to outdoor air pollution which plays a role in many of the major health challenges of our day. It has been linked to cancer, asthma, stroke and heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and changes linked to dementia. The health problems resulting from exposure to air pollution have a high cost to people who suffer from illness and premature death, to our health services and to business. In the UK, these costs add up to more than £20 billion every year."

The report also highlights the often overlooked section of our environment - that of indoor space. Factors such as, kitchen products, faulty boilers, open fires, fly sprays and air fresheners, all of which can cause poor air quality in our homes, workspaces and schools. Cookermiser and Ventmiser are both products which can help provide good air quality whilst the end user can go about their day without having to instigate the ventilation. Our current and temperatue sensors are the most direct acting on the market and are proven technologies in the fight against poor air quality and also help protect the fabric of the building aswell as the occupants. 
A recent Channel 4 Dispatches documentary "Dirty Secrets, whats really in our air" highlighted how by not using the ventilation in the kitchen whilst cooking this can lead to pollutants being released into the air that are on the same level as standing on a busy roundabout in London. 
Please see the below links to relevant articles and the link to watch the entire episode of Dispatches.


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