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False Fire Alarms

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False Fire Alarms

False fire alarms are a huge problem in the UK with more than 500,000 call outs to the emergency services being recorded each year. 293,000 turn out to be false alarms which when totalled up cost the UK Government nearly 1 Billion pounds. Our product Cookermiser was invented to stop or reduce false fire alarms.

When Ventmiser and Cookermiser are installed correctly in student accommodation and social housing its been proven that false fire alarms are greatly reduced and some cases totally eradicated.

Recently H&V News asked West Energy to write an article about the issue of False Fire Alarms, this can be viewed here by clicking this link.

Both Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Services and West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Services both advocate the use of our controls. Referring to our product as a Cookmiser System in documents on how to reduce false fire alarms. These documents can be found by visiting the links below.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue False Fire Alarms Strategy

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue False Fire Alarms Strategy

One of the biggest causes of false fire alarm is classed as apparatus misuse which can be anything from carelessly setting off the alarm to cooking issues. Burnt toast is one of the biggest culprits with a whopping 35,000 false alarms alone last year. Inadequate ventilation and a lack of controls often goes hand in hand with false fire alarms particularly in student and nurses accommodation. Installing a Cookermiser unit in every kitchen in these type of residencies could save the government and the tax payer well over 10 million pounds nevermind the reduction in CO2 and the potential to save more lives. 

BRE Commisioned a study back in 2014 and the results showed just how effective our controls are in helping reduce false fire alarms. We started supplying UCL in 2012 and as you can see in the table below the number of false activations dropped by over 50% from 84 to 38.

Our controls are not named by brand but you can clearly see the description in the image below of “The use of extractor fans linked to ovens that come on automatically”

Imagine if we can achieve such great results and help each university and hospital in the UK by reducing false fire alarms this will in turn reduce the pressure on the fire and rescue services.  

How much time, money, CO2 and lives might be saved by simply installing a Cookermiser in every dwelling?

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