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Ventmiser CMSM

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Demand Control Ventilation with Ventmiser CMSM

The Benefits:

  • Auto control : No need for user intervention using Demand Control Ventilation (DCV).
  • Energy Saving : By boosting the ventilation on demand : when showering, bathing or cooking.
  • Protects the fabric of the building, reducing the potential for mould and damp thus reducing the life cycle costs.
  • Reduce False Fire Alarms : By removing cooking odours and particulates immediately false fire alarms are significantly reduced.
  • Adjustable Overrun timer : Can be set to suit all requirements.
  • Easy to install : With options for current and temperature sensors for total flexibility.
  • Simple to commission : Once installed commissioning times are less than 30 minutes.
  • Fit and forget solution : Using sealed sensors there is no need for recalibration.
  • Manual push button override facility : SELV manual override input provides manual localised on/boost control for 25 minutes. This is now a requirement in ADF 2010.
  • Robust and proven technology : With over 35000 units installed in the UK alone Ventmiser is now becoming the preferred choice for demand control ventilation.

Demand Control Ventilation with Ventmiser

Ventmiser CMSM is a temperature and/or current sensing demand control device which activates an extract fan when either a cooker, bath or shower is being used. Ventmiser can also be used to boost the speed of a central Ventilation System MEV or MVHR when cooking, showering or bathing is taking place.

The pictures below show the Ventmiser CMSM controller and our current and temperature sensors.

Ventmiser Carbon Management Switch Module (CMSM)

Ventmiser Carbon Management Switch Module (CMSM) is a patented eco friendly controller specially designed to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. With climate change and reducing our carbon output being very hot topics at the moment Ventmiser is a perfect tool to save energy and tackle climate change. Ventmiser has been in the market place for a number of years and has been redesigned and re-engineered to make it more flexible for todays requirements.

There are three popular variations of the Ventmiser CMSM unit which incorporate various types of sensors:


This incorporates current and temperature sensors and is predominantly used for ventilation control throughout a property.


This variant incorporates a current sensor and is generally used to control kitchen extract fans.


This variant incorporates a temperature sensor and is generally used to control bathroom extract fans.

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