The Unique Automatic Energy Saving Ventilation Control For Added Safety In Kitchens & Bathrooms

West Energy Saving Technologies Ltd

West Energy Saving Technologies Ltd is a market leader in the manufacture and supply of innovative eco-friendly controls for domestic ventilation fans and systems, whole house ventilation. 

Other areas include social and sheltered housing, private flats, apartments, self builds and student accommodation ventilation . 

Employing patented technology, our device Ventmiser CMSM offers precise methods of Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) by sensing the usage of moisture-producing appliances such as cookers, baths and showers.

Please note Ventmiser & Cookermiser are similar controls but where used in student accommodation for current sensing the Cookermiser brand name is used and for flats and apartments where used for sensing both current and temperature the Ventmiser brand name is used.   


Ventmiser Carbon Management Switch Module (CMSM) is a patented eco friendly controller specially designed to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.


After the successful launch of Cookermiser into the market place many Fire Safety Officers in the UK Fire Services have both welcomed the product and are now advocating its use.


By simply sensing the temperature of the hot water to a bath or shower, the unit detects when a shower is in use, automatically turning on an extract fan.

Queens Award for Enterprise

West Energy Saving Technologies LTD wins Queens Award for Enterprise : Innovation 2009 In a very proud moment the founder of West Energy Saving Technologies,

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