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Sample Applications

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Sample Applications and SBEM

Using Ventmiser CMSM in student accomodation and hotels can be included when using SBEM calculations to derive benefit. 

Ventmiser and Cookermiser are controls for ventilation systems (including MVHR) that operate mechanical ventilation when they detect the use of appliances such as showers and cookers. A typical application could be an enclosed bathroom in student accommodation, where the usual control would be linked to the lighting circuit.

In this application there would need to be some form of ventilation – probably natural ventilation – to provide adequate indoor air quality when the bathroom was occupied but the shower not used.

The energy implications of these controls would be adequately represented in SBEM by selecting the “demand-controlled ventilation” option.

Here are a few sample schematics of our most popular wiring diagrams we have put together for some of our clients….

Schematic for Sensing Bathroom Light + MVHR

We have included a sample schematic showing the Ventmiser/Cookermiser unit wired for a typical cookerhood for use in a kitchen student accomodation scenario.

You can download the full schematic by clicking here

The next picture is how the unit should look once you have unscrewed the lid and taken it off….notice the load and time pots to the top right. These should be used to commission the Controller after installation.

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